13th September 2013

MythBusters has the honour of being nominated for an Emmy Award in the "Outstanding Reality Program" category for the fifth year in a row! MythBusters is up against some tough competition: Antiques RoadshowDeadliest CatchDiners, Drive-Ins And DivesShark Tank and Undercover Boss. Keep your fingers crossed  that we take home the prize this year!

The nominated episode is “JATO – The 10-Year Special”, which happens to be MythBusters' 200th episode! In this episode, the team revisits the myth that began the busting -- the JATO rocket car. The legend goes that a speed freak strapped a JATO rocket to the roof of his ’69 Chevy Impala and went from 50mph to 350mph in no seconds flat. However, a bump in the road launched the car skyward and it soared through the air for one and a half miles, before it crashed into a cliff-face. Could this tale of a pilot crushed between a rocket and a hard place be true or is it just an urban myth?

Ten years ago Adam and Jamie set out to confirm or bust that myth, but at the time the rockets they used could only get the car up to 130mph.  In 2007, still hot under the hood, they returned with bigger rockets to launch the Impala to new heights. However, in a fireball-filled finale, the car crashed and burned on approach. On this 200th episode of MythBusters the team are back with a vengeance and they’ve got some new explosive and technical tricks up their sleeves. It’s certainly an exciting episode and well worth the Emmy nomination.

The Emmy Awards is on Sunday, September 22nd. Standby for the results!