The Pipsqueaks are coming!

13th September 2013

There’s a new TV show on its way that the littlies are going to love!

Coming to Channel on 30th October at 8.00am, Pipsqueaks is a brand new program aimed at pre-schoolers.

The Pipsqueaks are four furry and funny puppets: Squidge, Sassy, and the twins Poppy and Peppy, who are curious about EVERYTHING!  They love to find out about all sorts of things and they never stop asking questions.

Set in an eye-poppingly colourful playground, the Pipsqueaks invite children to join in the fun. The children help the Pipsqueaks learn and understand the world around them. At the top of the playground is the Pipiscope and looking through it, the Pipsters (as the Pipsqueaks often call themselves) can see far and wide.  It helps them find answers to many of the things they are curious about, and each week there is a new song to sing along with and dance to.

Pipsqueaks is a great half hour of fun for 3-5 year olds although their bigger brother and sister might like it, too.