FIRST and Westpac rekindle their relationship

4th November 2013

FIRST has rekindled its relationship with Westpac and will begin work on an engaging series of animations that will be used to train Westpac staff on the Do’s and Don’ts of email communication as it relates to using Westpac’s email system.

FIRST and Westpac (together with Talent 2) worked for over 18 months on an advanced teller software emulation and training system for which they won two prestigious LearnX awards and both parties are looking forward to “getting the band back together” for the new project.

“Whenever we need a quality creative solution, FIRST is always top of my mind. They always produce work that is a cut above the rest in terms of polish as well as staying on time and budget,” said Steven Parkes, Learning Technologist at the Westpac Group.

James Ward, GM of FIRST was also happy to have Westpac back on deck. “Westpac not only knows that they need to train their staff properly for greater efficiency in the business, but also know they need to do such training in an engaging way. We love being the agency that brings their vision to fruition.”

The project is expected to be completed by the end of the calendar year.