This special one off documentary looks at the real life stories that are the inspiration for the internationally successful BBC series Call The Midwife which is loved by millions of people around the world.

Hosted by actor Stephen McGann, better known to audiences as Dr. Patrick Turner, the documentary starts in Liverpool, at the house where Stephen was born. He then travels around the UK to meet the midwives and patients whose stories are reflected in the series, and examines the worldwide development in medical care and changes in midwifery practice in the 1950s and 1960s. In an in-depth interview, series creator and showrunner Heidi Thomas talks about her work on the show and the stories that inspire her. On the set of this famous series, Stephen joins the show's midwifery advisor Terri Coates, who ensures that all the births on the show are accurately depicted, and assists with the care of the tiny babies that they film with. There is revealing insight into how all the departments work together to ensure authenticity from both a medical and historical point of view. A must see for fans, it also features interviews with key cast members to reveal how this hard work behind the scenes all comes together to inform their performance, and help them develop the characters they play.

1 x 60 minutes HD|Produced 2016

Produced by Midnight Oil Pictures and Neal Street Productions|Commissioned by BBC1 UK


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