A cold-hearted murderer is brought to justice by her sister-in-law

This feature-length TV drama follows the explosive true story of a cold-hearted murderer brought to justice by her sister-in-law, a tenacious and determined woman who knew the real reason behind her brother's death. In May 2009, Lee-Anne Cartier received the devastating news that her brother Philip had taken his own life. Lee-Anne grieved the awful loss with her family and Philip’s widow Helen and later was shown Philip’s suicide note. The moment she saw it Lee-Anne’s world imploded. The signature at the bottom of the note was not her brother’s. In an instant, she knew that Philip was murdered by his wife. For the next two years Lee-Anne battled the police who were convinced of the suicide. She fought the doubters and her own demons. At great personal sacrifice, Lee-Anne took on the role of an amateur detective and in true Erin Brochovich style, Lee-Anne never gave up her fight seeking justice for her brother. Written and directed by Emmy® award winning producer/director Thomas Robins, Catching the Black Widow is a gripping, heartbreaking film with stunning performances throughout.

1 x 92 minutes HD|Produced 2017

Produced by KHF Media|Commissioned by TVNZ New Zealand


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