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Learn how to survive with Bear Grylls' brand new show: Escape From Hell

Apr 09, 2014

Whether you're a keen trekker or somebody who's never stepped a foot in the outdoors, you would have heard the name - Bear Grylls at least once.  Best known for hit TV series Man Vs Wild, Bear will do just about anything to show the world how to survive in any environment - even if that means drinking your own urine!

If you think you've seen Bear do it all, think again!  Coming out this month on DVD is a brand new take on survival and is hosted by the expert himself.  In this new series, Bear follows the stories of ordinary people as they talk about surviving real life-threatening situations. 

Bear uses his expertise and skills to bring these remarkable stories of survival to life by demonstrating how each of the survivors lived to tell their tale.

From confrontations with bears, avalanches and being lost in unimaginable sand storms, the series presents useful survival skills you just may need one day if you ever find yourself faced with a dangerous life or death situation in a jungle, snow-capped mountain, dessert or a steep canyon.

This six-episode Discovery Channel series is available on now on DVD.