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The whimsical world of Minuscule out on DVD and on the big screen in 3D!

Apr 09, 2014

Come with us on a journey into the secret and magical world of insects.  The bright and colourful characters will delight you as they go about their eccentric adventures. Imagine a National Geographic-style documentary without dialog or commentary, just quirky, offbeat insects going about their daily lives.

 Follow a mischievous ladybird, a depressed mosquito, an inept jumping spider and a greedy fly, plus many more cute characters in each episode of this beautifully animated series. 

 Mixing 3D animated characters with stunning real life locations, Minuscule is a series that children and families alike will enjoy again and again.

 Coming to DVD this April is a special collector's pack including Minuscule Season 1 and Season 2.  Available April 2 from all leading retailers.