Dark Minds

Men and women of law enforcement work hard to solve every murder but some cases remain stubbornly open – they run cold. Dark Minds reignites interest in these cases through two obsessive investigators – Journalist and Author, M. William Phelps, and Criminal Profiler, John Kelly. They bring fresh eyes and a different perspective to the crimes, using the combined instincts of an Investigative Journalist, a Psychological Profiler and a secret source – an anonymous Serial Killer serving multiple life-sentences. He’s known by the code-name ‘Raven’. Together they review known evidence of each case and speculate who the killer might be. By talking to key people, like police, survivors, family members and experts, Phelps and Kelly use Dark Minds to build a profile of the murderer. This profile may jog memories and encourage viewers to bring forward new information for police. It may only take one call to solve a case, bring closure for victims’ families and stop a compulsive killer taking another life.

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