Facing Evil

Now in it’s fourth series, Facing Evil follows former FBI profiler, Candice DeLong, as she goes behind prison walls and comes face to face with convicted killers. Some plead innocence, some show remorse, others stand defiant. Through in-depth psychological profiling and probing questioning, Candice DeLong searches for the truth, taking viewers inside the mind of a convicted killer, with revealing and shocking results. From tangled webs of love gone wrong, to tales of greed, betrayal and lust - these interviews are emotional and, above all, compelling. Candice is working to understand the people that others can't comprehend. How does a mother become a cold-blooded killer? Does a lifetime of abuse justify the ultimate revenge? Just how much can love blind a woman? Are innocent people doing time for someone else's crime? When Candice Delong goes behind bars, you'll be as close to a killer as you'll ever want to be.

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