Exciting New Children's Television Show - Fanshaw & Crudnut

30th January 2015

Fanshaw and Crudnut are naughty, childish and stupid slugs from outer space, and they’re on an intergalatic mission to boldly (apparently) go where no idiotic slug has ever been before.

Fanshaw imagines that he is in charge. After all, he’s purple. But despite his higher aspirations, Fanshaw doesn’t actually have a clue about anything and he’s completely chicken as well. It hasn’t even occurred to Crudnut that anyone should be in charge. In fact, nothing much has ever occurred to Crudnut.

Beyond Screen Production and Blue Rocket Productions announce a new co-production, Fanshaw & Crudnut, to be produced in association with Criya Innfotainment in Chennai, India. The feature length animated telemovie and 52 episode television series commissioned by Nine Network Australia, will be distributed internationally by Beyond Distribution.

Fanshaw & Crudnut is the first production resulting from a strategic partnership between Beyond and Blue Rocket to jointly develop and produce a range of children’s television programming.

The production has attracted investment from Screen Tasmania and will take 2 years to produce, employing over 40 Tasmanian cast and crew in addition to writers and other subcontractors. The production was launched by The Hon. Dr Vanessa Goodwin, Attorney General of Tasmania and Minister for the Arts.

Pre and post production for the telemovie and series will take place at Blue Rocket’s studios in Hobart and at Beyond’s facilities in Artarmon. Animation will be carried out at Criya’s studios in Chennai.

Watch launch of Fanshaw and Crudnut in Tasmania

Courtesy Southern Cross.