Carl Barron's feature film debut coming to cinemas

19th February 2015

Australia’s most successful comedian Carl Barron makes his feature film debut when MANNY LEWIS comes to Australian cinemas on 12 March.

Co-written by Carl Barron and director Anthony Mir, and based on an original story by Carl, the film tells the story of famous stand-up comedian Manny Lewis, who finds himself at the height of his popularity, and at the depths of his loneliness. Reclusive and introverted, he feels he can’t trust anyone with matters of the heart. Until by chance he meets Maria, and a friendship blossoms. With his fame skyrocketing and the temptation of overseas riches in America beckoning, Manny must choose between taking a risk on love, or retreating to the confines of his lonely but lucrative career.

With over 650,000 DVDs sold and a recent national stand-up tour that was seen by over 300,000 Australians, Carl Barron is firmly established as the country’s most popular and beloved comedian.

Manny Lewis opens nationally in cinemas on March 12 and is coming soon to DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital via Beyond Home Entertainment.