John Howard - in his own words on DVD

5th August 2015

Australia’s second longest serving Prime Minister, and arguably the most dominant voice in recent Australian politics discourse; John Howard boasts a cultural footprint that few others can match.

Having been elected to the House of Representatives in 1974, Howard would lead the Liberal-National coalition to victory over Paul Keating’s Labor Party at the 1996 federal election, and held the Prime Ministership for eleven years in total. Over this period, Howard and his government would confront a number of major issues including taxation, industrial relations, immigration, post-9/11 international relations and the Iraq war.

Howard Defined sees John Howard sit down with renowned journalist Janet Albrechtsen and speak candidly and in intimate detail about his family life, his early ambitions, his successes and failures, and the seismic events of his 33-years in Australian politics. A leader of conviction who still remains both popular and divisive, this intriguing 6-part interview reveals more about Howard the man than many Australians would have known.

A must for any fan of recent political history or contemporary Australian culture, Howard Defined is available now on DVD.