Double your Google Shopping ROAS in just 3 months even if you think you tried everything

5th May 2021

If you tried everything but just can’t get more bang for your buck, this article will change how you advertise.

Google’s Smart Shopping campaign is a fairly recent campaign type, which combines standard Shopping with display remarketing campaigns, being delivered across the GDN, Gmail and Youtube.

Acclaimed as one of the most performance-oriented campaign types, its promise is to bring the power of automation and machine learning – using automated bidding and ad placement – to promote the products and maximize the return on ad spend (ROAS).

When it comes to campaign set-up and structure, Google recommends to have only one Smart Shopping campaign containing all inventory products, claiming that “the more conversions a campaign has to learn from, the better” (link).

The issue with this approach is: in an inventory with thousands of products with a high price variation (for example, from less than $10 to over $200) the ROAS range will also vary. It may pull the overall ROAS down, inhibiting the full potential performance as only one ad group can be created per Smart Shopping campaign.

In an attempt to improve one of our client’s Shopping performance, we split the stand-alone Smart Shopping campaign into 3 (2 Smart and 1 Standard). At the end of the third month, we managed to scale the campaigns spend and double the ROAS.

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