• Usability Improvements Increase New Customer Sign Up Rate for Contact Energy

    11th November 2013
    Contact Energy is one of New Zealand’s leading retailers of electricity and natural gas. Contact are continually looking for ways to improve their service and improve the online customer experience and resulting online signups. We identified an opportunity to run an A/B experiment on the new customer sign-up page and funnel. Through A/B testing, an original webpage […]More...
  • FIRST and Westpac rekindle their Relationship

    4th November 2013

    FIRST have rekindled their relationship with Westpac and will begin work on an engaging series of animations that will be used to train Westpac staff on the Do’s and Don’ts’s of email communication as it relates to using Westpac’s email system.

    FIRST and Westpac (together with Talent 2) worked for over 18 months on an advanced teller software emulation and training system for which they won two prestigious LearnX awards and both parties are looking forward to “getting the band back together” for the new project.More...

  • FIRST and Westpac rekindle their relationship

    4th November 2013
    FIRST has rekindled its relationship with Westpac and will begin work on an engaging series of animations that will be used to train Westpac staff on the Do’s and Don’ts of email communication as it relates to using Westpac’s email system.More...
  • Mobile use by banks and home loan companies

    30th October 2013
    Find out which banks and home loan companies are making the best use of mobile.More...
  • Fairfax Media Exceeds Campaign Sales Target by 45%

    24th October 2013
    Fairfax Media is the largest integrated metropolitan, rural and regional magazine and digital media company in Australasia. Fairfax Media has publications and websites throughout Australia and New Zealand. To boost sales over the winter period between Mother’s Day and Christmas promotions, FIRST deployed an SEM winter campaign for Mags4Gifts involving Cuisine, NZ Life & Leisure, […]More...
  • HOOPLA DOOPLA! in post-production

    16th October 2013

    Currently in post-production is an exciting new pre-schooler's program: HOOPLA DOOPLA!

    The little town of Hoopla is a colourful, magical town full of physical fun.

    Inspired by circus performance and commedia dell'arte, HOOPLA DOOPLA! features a troupe of six extraordinary characters each with their own amazing physical skill: MIMI runs the café, and looks after everyone in town while juggling muffins and milkshakes - literally; ZIGGY, the shop owner, does magic tricks.More...

  • Carl Barron's A One Ended Stick

    10th October 2013

    Carl Barron, Australia's most popular comedian, returns with his best show yet on DVD – "A One Ended Stick".

    The skinny balding comedian, and possibly the child of Paul Kelly and Gandhi, has performed all around the globe including the US, South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK.

    Carl performed "A One Ended Stick" in front of a packed house at the Lyrics Theatre in Brisbane. But be warned - Carl's 90-minute performance may have you peeing your pants, a little.More....

  • Getting Demographic Data in your Analytics

    1st October 2013
    New announcements have been coming thick and fast at this year's Google Analytics Summit in Mountain View, California. There have been 14 product announcements in one session!More...
  • The Pipsqueaks are coming!

    13th September 2013

    There’s a new TV show on its way that the littlies are going to love!

    Coming to Channel 7 on 30th October at 8.00am, Pipsqueaks is a brand new program aimed at pre-schoolers.

    The Pipsqueaks are four furry and funny puppets: Squidge, Sassy, and the twins Poppy and Peppy, who are curious about EVERYTHING!  They love to find out about all sorts of things and they never stop asking questions.More....

  • Email Marketing Works: Tips for campaigns

    13th September 2013

    August 2nd, 2013

    When it comes to customer acquisition, you might be surprised to learn that email is one of the strongest performing channels available.

    Yes that’s right. Email. You might spend your days in meetings discussing radical new techniques to gain social network kudos – apps, content, personality and more – but good old email is a channel that delivers results.

    Check this site