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Beyond is a leading international media and content business which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Since its establishment in 1984 the company has produced over five thousand hours of television programs for broadcast internationally including Mythbusters, Beyond Tomorrow, Hot Property, Lab Rats, Behind Mansion Walls, Selling Houses Australia and Toy Box.

The international distribution division markets an extensive program catalogue sourced from third party producers and internal production. This business is headquartered in Dublin, with sales offices in London and Sydney.

The Home Entertainment division, established in 2005, focuses on digital and DVD distribution and is the second largest independent distributor of audiovisual home entertainment product in Australia and New Zealand.

Established in 2012, BeyondD the digital marketing division, consists of Digital Marketing Services, Digital Media Sales, and Digital Assets including websites, marketing databases and bespoke technology.

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The digital marketing training your uni doesn’t teach you

Dec 15, 2019




Here’s a blog post especially for graduates who are looking to start a career in Digital Marketing and desire to set themselves apart in a competitive employment market where employers are looking for real skills and some experience.

For our agency FIRST, the most valuable people are those who are ‘T-Shaped’. These people can think strategically and have a wide range of digital skills and expertise, but also have a passion for and deep specialist expertise in a particular digital discipline.

If you are serious about getting your first (or second) digital role – here is some further study to undertake and blogs that will help you keep up to date with the latest. (Note: I use as my preferred feed reader.)

At FIRST, everything we do is focused on helping business increase online sales and revenue by improving the customer experience through data and analytics. While there are many resources around, these are the ones we find valuable and I am sure most employers would also. I can guarantee that your job prospects will be so much better for investing the time in learning and understanding the below than had you not.

I recommend training in four core disciplines:

  1. Strategic digital thinking
  2. Analytics
  3. Conversion, A/B testing and online customer experience
  4. Performance advertising (Google AdWords / Facebook Advertising)

Strategic digital thinking

Recommended sites to follow:


Recommended analytics training:

Google Analytics Individual Certification & Training

Recommended sites to follow:

Recommended practical work

For your own site, a friend’s site, or a small business:

  • Set up Google Analytics, including goals, events and/or eCommerce tracking
  • On a regular basis review the data, find and share insights with the site owner to increase website performance.

Conversion, A/B testing and online customer experience

Recommended conversion training:

Optimizely Platform Certification

Recommended sites to follow:

Recommended practical work

For your own site, a friend’s site, or a small business:

  • Set up and run some tests (free for up to 50,000 unique sessions per month)
  • Set up to get heatmaps, clickmaps and video recordings of user behaviour (free for up to 100 recorded sessions)  or use for US$9 per month

Performance advertising (Google AdWords / Facebook Advertising)

Recommended performance advertising training:

Google AdWords Certifications

Facebook training:

Recommended practical work

For your own site, a friend’s site, or a small business:

  • Set-up and run an AdWords account ($500+ budget)
  • Set-up and Run Facebook advertising ($500+ budget)

Search engine optimisation

Recommended SEO reading:

Final thoughts

By doing these things, you will involve yourself in the digital marketing community and keep up to date with the latest concepts and trends in digital marketing. You’ll get the needed training with practical applications and some hands-on ‘work experience’ that will be very valuable.

Even more than that, it shows to a future employer that you are a self starter, can work autonomously, have a passion for the industry, a thirst for learning, and you will do what it takes in a role. All of these attitudes are perhaps even more important than the skills themselves.