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    Feb '20
    Why analysing human behaviour trumps analysing ‘session’ behaviour
    It is a sad fact that many companies still subject their customers to a painful online experience because they forget to make a connection between the data to the actual person behind the numbers. By better understanding your customers, you can serve them better, and that’s just better for everyone!
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    Jan '20
    Simple PageSpeed improvements for WordPress sites
    Google has been using PageSpeed as a ranking factor for several years now, and they kindly provide a tool called PageSpeed Insights that you can use to analyse the performance of your website, both for desktop and mobile users. It is a great little tool that gives your web page a score out of 100, and more importantly provides a list of suggestions for things that you should do to improve this score.
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    Jan '20
    The Game of Phones: how mobile platforms are changing the game for businesses
    Google introduced an update to its web ranking algorithm earlier in the year to place greater emphasis on mobile device usability. Due to a little misplaced hysteria, this update was dubbed Mobilegeddon. The impact of Mobilegeddon is certainly having an effect, a recent study has shown that there are major visibility and ranking consequences of your site being optimised for an increasingly large array of devices.
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    Dec '19
    The digital marketing training your uni doesn’t teach you
    Here's a blog post especially for graduates who are looking to start a career in Digital Marketing and desire to set themselves apart in a competitive employment market where employers are looking for real skills and some experience.
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    Nov '15
    Google Customer Match: A great opportunity to retarget your customers
    Early in October this year, Google launched Customer Match, an anticipated product feature in AdWords that allows advertisers to upload email lists to target customers or prospects in their database by email where the email address is linked to a Google account. This offers advertisers great opportunities to re-engage with their customers and make the most out of their email databases.
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    Nov '15
    FIRST increases Dymocks’ conversion rate by 40.48%
    Dymocks engaged FIRST to craft an omnichannel strategy to encourage customers to purchase in store and online. It was essential that the strategy provides a positive customer-centric experience across all channels. Find out how FIRST achieved Dymocks' goals.
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    Nov '15
    Google Analytics calculated metrics now in public beta
    Here at FIRST, we’ve been playing with calculated metrics for a while now and we are very excited to see them launched in public beta (for Universal Analytics properties only).
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    Nov '15
    2015 Analytics Conference: 8 key takeaways
    We've gathered some key takeaways that you should keep in mind from the Analytics conference in Sydney presented by Loves Data with Google. There were a lot of great insights on the fundamentals of data analytics and making it more powerful, while staying easy to use.
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    Oct '15
    5 tips to humanise, optimise your eCommerce site with online personalisation
    Online personalisation is the new face of digital marketing. It goes beyond welcoming back a returning customer to the site or listing recommended products based on their previous online purchases. It’s about leveraging analytics data and customer insights to deliver targeted content and adaptive online experiences that compel your customers to take the actions you want them to take.
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    Oct '15
    7 creative content ideas to boost your eCommerce site conversions
    It’s not enough to think of online retail sites as simply online catalogues anymore. More and more brands are moving towards adopting an experience-driven eCommerce site that will help increase conversions and build a stronger brand engagement.