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Australian online pharmacies social reach report

Jan 30, 2014

Which online pharmacies are making the best use of social media?

For the full report (PDF) please use our download form

FIRST looked into the social media reach of online pharmacies for its Relative Social Reach (RSR) report.

Here’s a summary of what was discovered:

  • One pharmacy is the clear leader in terms of social media reach when compared to other pharmacies in Australia.
  • Pinterest is only being used by three brands, with only one engaging with its customers, and LinkedIn is only being used by four brands with next to nothing in user engagement.
  • Facebook and Twitter were the top forms of social media to be used, with Facebook the most favoured approach to engage with customers.
  • None of the online pharmacies analysed ticked all the social media channel boxes.

To find out more, download the social reach report from FIRST’s download form.

FIRST uses its bespoke metric called RSR (Relative Social Reach) to estimate how well each company is utilising Social Media compared to its direct competitors. RSR is an estimate of the reach of a brand via social media compared to a group of its competitors. It provides a flexible comparative assessment of a brand’s social media reach in a fast-moving and dynamic channel. It is weighted based on the popularity of each social channel and the social metric used to measure reach in each channel.

For the full report (PDF) please use our download form