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Optimizely benchmark report Q2 2015

Jul 02, 2015

Report cover has released its Q2 2015 Benchmark Report – a comprehensive report on how A/B and multivariate testing has changed the way companies create ideal experiences for its customers.  If you have questions around Conversion Optimization, this report will give good insights.

Conversion Optimisation / Experience Optimisation is a fast-growing area of expertise, and is being adopted and resourced as a competitive advantage for marketing, growth, product and engineering-focused organisations around the world. surveyed digital channel owners to uncover just how they think about and allocate resources towards their programs.

This benchmark report answers questions like:

  • How often do teams optimising run A/B and multivariate tests?
  • What are the top benefits that optimisation programs are seeing?
  • How do optimisation teams manage their experiment process?

Download your copy of the Optimizely Benchmark Report here

BONUS Download: Charts from the Optimization Benchmark to use in your next presentation to your team, client, or executive!