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FIRST increases Dymocks’ conversion rate by 40.48%

Nov 17, 2015

Creating a clearer guided navigation led to a 12.76% increase in revenue.

One of Australia’s most established and best-known brands, founded 136 years ago, Dymocks holds the crown as Australia’s leading bookseller.

Dymocks engaged FIRST to craft an omnichannel strategy to encourage customers to purchase in store and online. It was essential that the strategy provides a positive customer-centric experience across all channels.

A redesign and some technical restrictions led to a number of challenges with Dymocks’ user experience and conversion rate. The bookseller was keen to drive revenue, but also to create a better user experience and drive traffic into stores.

FIRST took Dymocks through its conversion rate optimisation process. This process has thorough qualitative customer research at its core. The research involved talking to a reflective cross section of the bookseller’s target market, mapped against existing segmentation data from the Dymocks marketing team. Both existing and potential high value customers were interviewed. Through better understanding real customer behaviour, FIRST was able to generate a comprehensive list of areas for improvement in the Dymocks online experience.

Here’s what Dymocks had to say:

The FIRST team have been proactive in making improvements to our site. They have improved our online revenue, as well as the online to offline experience and the overall customer experience.

Their work has always been honest and direct, and has helped us get deeper insight into our customer experience.

– Sophie Higgins, Head of merchandise and marketing at Dymocks Books

Find out the results by downloading the full case study here.