Digital Marketing News

  • 01
    Sep '15
    Google Partners Masterclass 2015 insights part 2: Speaking a common language
    In this second part of our Google Partners Masterclass 2015 Insights, we share how to use data to create and provide value to customers.
  • 28
    Aug '15
    Google Partners Masterclass 2015 insights part 1: Winning customer micro-moments
    From Google’s customer behaviour research about micro-moments as a game changer for marketing today to the latest Google Analytics and AdWords updates and how to use data to understand customer behaviour and provide the best online experience for them, we’ve got you covered.
  • 24
    Aug '15
    How to retrieve traffic sources data without Google Analytics cookies
    In this post we show you how to retrieve traffic sources without Google Analytics cookies.
  • 05
    Aug '15
    The influence of customer reviews
    Why does your eCommerce site need customer reviews? E-consultancy reports that 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision, and they are now essential for e-commerce sites. Why you need customer reviews User reviews increase conversion rates!  They can eliminate any doubts potential customers may have about a product, or can help with […]
  • 23
    Jul '15
    11 rule-of-thumb tactics to improve your conversion
    CRO is a process; there are no universal rules. However, outlined in this article are 11 tactics recommended for you to test for yourself, which for us are ‘rule of thumb’ tests.
  • 02
    Jul '15
    Optimizely benchmark report Q2 2015 has released its Q2 2015 Benchmark Report – a comprehensive report on how A/B and multivariate testing has changed the way companies create ideal experiences for its customers. If you have questions around Conversion Optimization, this report will give good insights.
  • 26
    May '15
    Why optimisation is the name of the game at First
    Digital marketing agency First implements Marin search marketing software to save time and increase conversions Click here to learn more
  • 06
    May '15
    UNSW Australia Business School awards FIRST SEO account
    UNSW Business School has awarded FIRST with its search engine optimisation (SEO) account. UNSW Business School is one of Australia's leading research and educational institutions, with the latest QS subject rankings revealing they are 12th in the world and number one in Australia for Accounting and Finance. One of the Business School's goals is to reach a wider audience of students and scholars, which led them to FIRST to help restructure the website to ensure it's indexable by search engines for the courses it offers.
  • 18
    Feb '15
    How to convert data into actionable insights
    There is no reason why any website shouldn't have a web analytics tool installed -- especially since a tool like Google Analytics is available free of charge. The data that it can provide is plentiful -- almost exhaustive -- and can give you amazing information such as visits, bounce rates and other metrics that can give you a good indication of what's happening when users come to your site.
  • 04
    Dec '14
    5 Universal Analytics event settings in Google Tag Manager
    We all have very busy lives so I’m going to make this post nice and short, with screenshots that hopefully will make these Universal Analytics event set-ups pretty straightforward. But please let me know if you have any questions on any of these event settings.