Digital Marketing News

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    Nov '14
    International SEO with rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x”
    Does your business have identical or very similar websites targeting different countries and/or languages? In Australasia, it is a very common situation for businesses to have one site for New Zealand, and another basically identical website (with perhaps just currency and pricing changes) for Australia.
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    Oct '14
    Google Tag Manager updates
    Find out about some of Google's recently announced major improvements to Google Tag Manager (GTM).
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    Sep '14
    Tracking fragment URLs in Universal Analytics with Google Tag Manager
    Ah, fragment URLs – you know these URLs with a hashtag (such as, that can’t be tracked with Google Analytics… Indeed, Google Analytics strips out everything after the hashtag. Yet seeing what’s after the hashtag can be useful to know what are the most popular filtering options, for example, or to check if your visitors go beyond the first […]
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    Sep '14
    New Google Analytics benchmarking reports gives insights and competitive intelligence
    Google has announced new Benchmarking reports available in Analytics. These reports allow you to compare your website performance against the averages of similar sites.
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    Aug '14
    Is your security affecting your search rankings?
    Google recently announced it is going to start using HTTPS as a ranking algorithm. It’s only a slight factor, "affecting fewer than 1% of global queries" and carries less weight than, for example, high-quality content.
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    Jul '14
    Questions you should be asking your digital media agency
    Here are some questions you should be asking your media agency before the proposed plan is approved. Asking a few questions now could deliver far greater results, and save a headache later.
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    Jun '14
    Furnishing Staples’ website needs
    Part of the world's largest office products company, Staples Australia approached FIRST to create an Australian and New Zealand website for its Business Interiors by Staples business.
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    Jun '14
    10 themes from the Google Analytics Summit 2014
    As a Google Analytics Partner, FIRST attended the 2014 Google Analytics Summit in San Francisco. Here are the 10 consistent themes that came up at the conference.
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    May '14
    Optimizely technical tips
    Install Optimizely snippet into your website Optimizely officially recommends installing the Optimizely Snippet as high up in the head tag as possible. Add the Optimizely Snippet before the code for any analytics or heatmapping platforms as well. Sample code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <script src=”//”></script> </head> <body> However, there are a few exceptions that you […]
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    May '14
    30 key insights on email, lead gen and data
    FIRST's list of key insights on email, lead generation and data.