Digital Marketing News

  • 29
    Aug '13
    Banks and Home Loan Sites (Social Reach Report)
    Which Australian bank and home loan companies are making the best use of social media?
  • 27
    Aug '13
    Searching for home loans online
    FIRST looked into the search engine results for home loans online for its Ranking Based Reach performance analysis report. The results were surprising – at the time of reporting, Australia's leading banks did not dominate natural search results pages for home loans.
  • 23
    Jul '13
    eCommerce return policies: dos and don’ts
    Not including some form of return policy that abides by Australian Consumer Law and makes it easy for consumers could lead to a loss in sales.
  • 05
    Jun '13
    Mobile Application Development and Marketing Strategy
    In a study published earlier this year by ComScore – “Mobile Future In Focus 2013” a statement was made suggesting that 2013 would be the “year of mobile [1]” and it would be this year that important changes to the digital landscape will take place – significantly influenced by the rise and popularity of Internet […]
  • 05
    Jun '13
    Women’s Fashion – Dresses – NZ Search Reach Report
         For the full report (PDF) please use our download form Summary &  Observations 1.8 million New Zealanders made an online purchase in 2012*, Over 25% of online purchases in New Zealand are fashion-related The NZ organic search results for the key phrases selected are dominated by international players and ASOS also topped […]
  • 31
    May '13
    How Webpage Content can Add Value to Your Website
    For a lot of organisations, content on a website is seen as a basic necessity, with the attitude that “we need to explain what we do and tell our market what we can offer”.  Basic, and simple.  Even as digital marketing becomes more competitive, many organisations still overlook content, because of its basic nature, and […]
  • 24
    May '13
    Google Penguin 2.0 Update Results- Australia’s Losers & Winners
    Penguin has landed Long awaited next gen of Penguin, the webspam algorithm, was unleashed on the net yesterday, ten day after the initial announcement in a recent video on Matt Cutts’ blog . According to Cutts, Google’s Distinguished Engineer & Spam Fighter Extraordinaire,  roughly 2.0% of queries [were] affected in the update. 2.0% of queries [were] affected […]
  • 22
    May '13
    How to Properly Fail Your Site Migration
    So you decided to move to another domain? Great! Is there anything to do apart from finalising your new fancy site design? Nah, that’s OK, Google and users will figure out the change by themselves. End of the post. … Well actually, by doing so, you will probably screw up your site migration, dropping your […]
  • 06
    May '13
    Google launches mobile value calculator
    Google Australia has launched a mobile value calculator that helps users estimate the value of mobile for their business.
  • 30
    Apr '13
    NZ Digital Marketing Strategy Survey 2013
    FIRST conducted a digital marketing strategy survey in early 2013 to identify digital marketing trends for New Zealand Businesses. n=1663 What are your top marketing objectives for 2013? Insight: Businesses are looking for growth in revenue and sales in 2013. What percentage of marketing budget is allocated to digital? Insight: The majority of businesses invest […]