MythBusters Junior

Production has commenced on a new incarnation of the hit Emmy-nominated series. MythBusters Jr. will give six talented youths (pictured) a chance to show off their ingenuity and STEAM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math).

Hosted by former MythBusters presenter Adam Savage, the 10-episode series will tackle myths similar to those seen in MythBusters, ranging from driving, explosions, chemistry, physics, pop culture and more.

The six Junior MythBusters are: Valerie Castillo: a 15-year-old skilled builder and robotics wiz; Elijah Horland: a 12-year-old self-taught maker and programmer; Cannan Huey-You: a 12-year-old entering his second year of college where he’s a double major in Physics & Astronomy and Engineering; Jesse Lawless: a 15-year-old has been around cars in his dad’s custom hot rod shop since he was a baby; Rachel Pizzolato: a 14-year-old builder and gymnast who has been involved with remodeling houses with her father since a young age; Allie Weber: a 13-year-old multiple award-winning, patent pending inventor, builder, and maker. 

John Luscombe and John Tessier are Executive Producers for Beyond Productions. Wyatt Channell serves as Executive Producer for Science Channel.

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