The Pipsqueaks are four funny and furry creatures who live in a huge adventure playground. They are a bit silly and a little naïve, yet they love discovering new things and learning interesting facts. The playground is a maze of tunnels, ladders and slippery dips, with a dance area in the middle. The Pipsqueaks love to sing and dance and the catchy songs involve simple choreography for the kids to follow. The Pipsqueaks have fun discovering new things with the help of the kids who visit. The show focuses on children at play and how they talk and think about the world around them. It’s fun and informative, thoughtful and entertaining. This pre-school series is designed to have children at home actively engaged with what is happening on screen. Pipsqueaks is an interactive show where pre-schoolers talk, listen, sing, dance, laugh and learn with their puppet friends.

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