Steam Punks

Steam Punks is a narrative science quiz show for children. Two pairs of children aged between 12-15 years are transported into a bizarre underground steam punk world. There they are confronted with a crazed Inquisitor who works for an unseen megalomaniac robot called the Machine. She has charged the Inquisitor with putting these teams through a series of mental and physical challenges, all in the name of science. If they win they will be teleported back to the surface of the earth. If they lose they are condemned to perform disgusting chores for the Machine.

The host is an exuberant and eccentric fellow who has never passed the test to be released and is condemned to assist the Machine forever. Each of the two teams must compete in five rounds. The Quizatorium – a multiple-choice questions round, often using footage of some pretty cool and explosive experiments. The Storeroom – contestants must use one of their five senses to identify objects on display and quickly locate matching object on the shelves around them. Bang Crash Splat Splash – contestants must predict the outcome of some jaw-dropping experiments conducted by Steam Punks graduate Marvin, involving cranes, catapults and cannons. Feed the Furnace – contestants compete in a physical game involving hurling coal into a furnace while being secured by a bungee cord and pelted with a think slime by their competitors. Fast or Last – a quick-fire buzzer round of science questions using hammers to bash their buzzers.

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